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Sometimes the daily grind can leave us all feeling a little salty, but I'm here to help you discover your own path to the sweetest parts of life.

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Catie Hendrix

With six years of social work experience, plus three years (and counting!) helping social work programs improve the quality of the services they provide, I know that incredible change is attainable. While I love my full time career in the nonprofit world, I am driven to do more by connecting with people who are ready for a shift. I'm passionate about helping clients identify & align with their core values, challenge thinking patterns that are no longer serving them, and grow into the version of themselves that they want to be!

Accessibility is very important to me so I keep my rates reasonable and offer my services free in a limited number of spots to legally independent Autistic adults, who are looking to work on issues relating to living in a world that's not built to accommodate Neurodiversity.

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Client Testimonials

“I discovered my own values, started realistically building my life around my goals, and started rebuilding my sense of identity.”

“Catie met me where I was and didn‘t judge me for how small my goals were. She validated my thoughts and feelings and I always felt she supported me.”

“I determined my core values and learned how those play into setting boundaries.”

“I really appreciated working with Catie. I was able to take things I [had] discussed in therapy and put them into action. I was able to start changing my thinking, which helped create positive changes in my life.”

Coaching Options

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In Person


Additional support

Coaching that takes place in home or a public location of your choice is great option for those looking for a more personal approach.

Video coaching is perfect for people on the go, non locals, or those who need more flexibility in scheduling.

All coaching through Salt & Sugar includes email support so that you can reach out between sessions with questions or breakthroughs.

Salt & Sugar Coaching may be for you, if you...

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Personal Growth

Desire a better work/life balance

Are trying to manage your stress better

Find yourself constantly frustrated

Struggle with guilt

Want to dismantle toxic thought processes

Are curious about shadow work

Want to be more positive

Have blended family woes

Have found yourself in a caretaking role

Are a single parent trying to get your footing

Have a hard time saying 'no'

Are a Foster/Adoptive parent

Are navigating life after loss (death, divorce, etc.)

Are struggling with communication breakdowns

Struggle with being a perfectionist

Want to find & integrate your values

Need better organization skills

Need to be challenged

Are exploring any area of you identity

Don't know what you want to come next in life

Have poor time management skills



All Pricing is based on virtual session prices! A travel fee will be applied to any in person session. Contact me to find out if in person sessions are an option in your area.

Discovery sessions are free with no obligation to commit to a bundle.

$150- the basic bundle

Free Discovery session


5 thirty minute sessions

$225- the goal getter

Free Discovery session


8 thirty minute sessions

$300- the calling cultivater

Free Discovery session


12 thirty minute sessions

*Additional sessions can be added to any bundle at a rate of $35 a session

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Reach out if you want to create a path to a more peaceful and productive life.

*All services free in a limited number of spots to legally independent Autistic adults who are looking to work on issues relating to living in a world that's not built to accommodate Neurodiversity.

Salt & Sugar Life Coaching

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